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#9 Ultimate Langugage Notebook product published

The ninth notebook product, the Ultimate French Notebook, was published today. Next I will spend a bit time to promote these first nine products. That's why I will cycle across Finland to promote my Ultimate Finnish Notebook for people learning Finnish. After that trip I will eventually do promotional trips promoting all the other notebooks when I have the possibility.

List of coming promotional trips:

Ultimate Finnish Notebook - Helsinki-Nuorgam bicycle trip July-August-September 2020

Ultimate Estonian Notebook - walk across Estonia from north to south in October 2020

List of promotional trips in the future:

Ultimate Swedish Notebook - walk or bicycle trip across Sweden

Ultimate Italian Notebook - cycling across Italy

Ultimate German Notebook - walk across Germany from north to south

Ultimate Chinese Notebook - cycling along the whole Chinese coast

Ultimate Spanish Notebook - pilgrimage walk in Spain, bicycle trip in Cuba

Ultimate French Notebook - rowing across France from north to south

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