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Acehnese language learning materials

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What is Acehnese?

Acehnese is an Austronesian language spoken by the Acehnese people in Aceh on the Sumatra island in Indonesia. According to the 2020 census Acehnese has 4.7 million native speakers so it's not a small language at all. However there are very few learning materials for Acehnese learners. We have gathered a list of all the materials here that we could find.

List of Acehnese resources

Language journals for Acehnese

Fill in the blanks vocabulary notebook for Acehnese:

The first resource is our "fill in the blanks" notebook, which is a better option than a blank journal. There are 68 topics and over 2500 words on the left pages in English and you need to write yourself the Acehnese translations beside the English words on the blank space. The right pages are empty so you can add there relevant content to you about the given topic, for example more vocabulary, grammar notes, dialogues, etc.

Cover of the notebook

Example of the structure of the notebook


Acehnese Dictionary with Trilingual Thesaurus: (1 review, 5 stars)

English-Acehnese-Indonesian thesaurus.


Kamus Aceh Lengkap:

(24 reviews, 3.3 stars). Translation of Acehnese to Indonesian or Indonesian to Acehnese.


Blog post about Acehnese language and Acehnese phrases:

Acehnese government homepage

The website is in Indonesian so not very useful for language learners, but maybe there's something interesting for those Acehnese learners who know Indonesian.

Portal Belajar Bahasa Aceh

The name of this website means "portal of learning Acehnese language" in Indonesian. So if you don't know Indonesian then it's not very useful. Even if you know Indonesian the administrators of this page don't post that frequently.


Learning Acehnese:

This channel is focused on teaching Acehnese, but unfortunately there are only 4 videos and all of them were uploaded 5 years ago in 2018. So looks like there won't be more videos coming.


A short sample of native Acehnese speakers speaking Acehnese.

Hasanusi Muhammad

There are a lot of videos about Acehnese language, but all of Hasanusi's videos are in Indonesian.

Fadi Farreiza:

Fadi has mostly videos in Indonesian language, but a few of his videos are about the Acehnese language.

Teuku Ahmad Irham Sani:

Only a few of his videos are about Acehnese language.


Mari Belajar Bahasa Aceh FB group:

This Facebook group is for Acehnese learners, but it's in Indonesian and the group is quite inactive currently.

How to learn Acehnese?

How to learn Acehnese if there are so few resources available? Well it seems like the best strategy is to learn it through Indonesian if you can't go to Aceh region yourself. In case you can go to Aceh, we would advise getting our "English-Acehnese vocabulary notebook" and fill in the blanks and the empty pages with the help of native speakers. The resources for English speaking learners are so scarce that currently it seems really hard to learn the language by self-studying.

Learning other languages

If you are learning other languages, then click the link below to see the list of all of our 300+ language notebooks.

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