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Afrikaans language learning materials

What is Afrikaans?

Afrikaans is a West Germanic language that evolved in the Dutch Cape Colony from Dutch language. Gradually it developed distinguishing characteristics during the 18th century and became a separate language from Dutch. Currently Afrikaans has in total between 15 and 23 million speakers. It is mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia and to a lesser extent in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

List of Afrikaans resources

Language journals for Afrikaans

Fill in the blanks vocabulary notebook for Afrikaans:

The first resource is our "fill in the blanks" notebook, which is a better option than a blank journal. There are 68 topics and over 2500 words on the left pages in English and you need to write yourself the Afrikaans translations beside the English words on the blank space. The right pages are empty so you can add there relevant content to you about the given topic, for example more vocabulary, grammar notes, dialogues, etc.

Cover of the notebook

Example of the structure of the notebook


Afrikaans self-taught:

Colloquial Afrikaans (Beginner):

Complete Afrikaans (Beginner-Intermediate):

Teach yourself Afrikaans:

Teach yourself Afrikaans (Book + 2 CDs):

Free e-books:


Afrikaans vocabulary for English speakers (3000 words):

Afrikaans vocabulary for English speakers (5000 words):

Afrikaans vocabulary for English speakers (7000 words):

Afrikaans vocabulary for English speakers (9000 words):

Afrikaans-English dictionaries:

Grammar books

A grammar of Afrikaans:

A grammar of Afrikaans e-book:

Maskew Miller's practical Afrikaans for English-speakers:


Begin met Afrikaans Werkboek 1:

Lekker Afrikaas Workbooks:


Afrikaans-English translator:

9 Best apps to learn Afrikaans:

Simply learn Afrikaans:


Afrikaans Pod 101:

News websites

Maroela Media:





7 Podcasts to learn Afrikaans:

Best Afrikaans Podcastas (2023):

The Best Podcasts to Learn Afrikaans:

Youtube channels

Vetkoek palais:

Katinka Oosthuizen:

Top 500 Youtube channels - South Africa:

Learning other languages

If you are learning other languages, then click the link below to see the list of all of our 300+ language notebooks.

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