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Ainu language learning materials

What is Ainu?

Ainu, or more precisely Hokkaido Ainu, is a language spoken by the Ainu people on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. There are only a few elderly members who speak Ainu so the status of the language is critically endangered. However there are some attempts to revive Ainu language in Japan.

List of Ainu resources

Language journal for Ainu

Fill in the blanks vocabulary notebook for Ainu:

The first resource is our "fill in the blanks" notebook, which is a better option than a blank journal. There are 68 topics and over 2500 words on the left pages in English and you need to write yourself the Ainu translations beside the English words on the blank space. The right pages are empty so you can add there relevant content to you about the given topic, for example more vocabulary, grammar notes, dialogues, etc.

Cover of the notebook

Example of the structure of the notebook


Handbook of the Ainu language:

Materials for the study of the Ainu language and folklore:

The language of Japan:


An Ainu-English-Japanese dictionary:

An Ainu-English-Japanese dictionary (ebook):

Language Hokkaido Ainu:

Grammar books

Ainu Grammar:

A grammar of the Ainu language (ebook):

Babelbible Ainu Grammar (ebook):


Ainu for Beginners:

Ainu culture

Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People:

Beyond Ainu Studies:

The Song the Owl God Sang:

The Conquest of Ainu Lands:


Beginner Ainu:


Preserving the endangered Ainu language with Mara Budgen:

Learning other languages

If you are learning other languages, then click the link below to see the list of all of our 300+ language notebooks.

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