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Four Skills of Language Learning: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

How to plan your language learning considering the four skills of language learning, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. I will write my method of planning language learning taking in account all these language skills in different levels.

Here's how I choose my resources according to the skill and my current level in my target language.


A1-A2: good text books, simple comics or children's books

B1-B2: wikipedia articles

C1-C2: novels and advanced articles


A1-C2: writing all important things into the different language notebooks on all levels


A1-A2: music, audio files of the text book dialogues, beginner level youtube videos

B1-B2: podcasts and movies

C1-C2: more advanced podcasts and movies


A1-A2: reading out loud and learning the pronunciation, dialogues together with a fellow learner

B1-B2: language tandem

C1-C2: discussing advanced topics with a language tandem partner

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