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Grammar structures of every language

Every language has a grammar according to which the language functions. Knowing the basic principles of the grammar of your target language helps you to form sentences more easily. Unfortunately learning grammar isn't that fun for most of the people.

I found out the main structures that you need to know in any language that you're learning. You can use the blank pages of the Ultimate Language Notebook to write your own notes about the grammar of your target language.

Grammar structures

  1. Word order

  2. Grammatical cases

  3. Pronouns

  4. Nouns

  5. Adjectives

  6. Adverbs

  7. Verbs

  8. Conjunctions

  9. Interjections

So what you can do is to google and find out how these aforementioned structures work in your target language. This list is the most simple one, because all the existing grammar is linked to one of these topics.

I will write about all the possible subtopics of these nine topics in the future.

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