The story behind the creation of the Ultimate Language Notebook

It was late 2018 and I was thinking about how to make my language learning more efficient. I was thinking that I needed something where I could find all the essential vocabulary of my target language, because sometimes I forgot some basic stuff even in the languages in which I can communicate quite well. I wanted one notebook where all of the most important things would be found. From basics to more advanced topics. I wanted the notebook to include all the imaginable topics that I would need in life.

So first I bought some blank notebooks and started thinking how to organize the vocabulary in a structured way. It felt overwhelming and I just abandoned the idea and tried to find such a product online. I was studying fifteen foreign languages so manually copying all the same things in the blank notebooks would have been a horrible task. I didn't find anything what I was hoping to find. I thought that there should have been already a notebook, which could have been used for any language. A notebook which would contain lists of the most important words and phrases that you need for any language so you can use the notebook to learn any language by just filling the empty slots. Well, I didn't find anything and I just forgot the idea for the next three-four months.

Early 2019 I bought a last minute flight to Gran Canaria for 25 euros, yes a round-trip ticket from Helsinki to Gran Canaria and back. I bought it at midnight and sixteen hours later I was in the plane. On that trip I somehow started thinking about the notebook idea again. On my way back I was thinking about it constantly in the plane and I decided to start creating it when I'm back home. Then the next five weeks I worked from morning to midnight to create the Ultimate Language Notebook. It was a lot of hard work. I was searching for lists of the most common verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, nouns and everything and trying to create a logic and simple structure for the notebook. Every day I was also consulting my friend Aino what she thought about my ideas. Actually we created together the Ultimate Chinese Notebook later with Aino.

So for five weeks I was in a huge flow, because I understood that I was up to something really big. Something that would make my language learning so much more efficient and also help other people. I wanted to give the learner the freedom of adding their own words and phrases, that's why the whole notebook is structured in the same way, the left page has the list of most important words and phrases of the given topic in any language and the right page is empty so that you can add more words and phrases that might be particularly important in your target language.

In March 2019 I published the Ultimate Language Notebook and it took almost a year before I published the Ultimate Chinese Notebook. I'll write about it more in depth later. I use my own notebook for several languages and it has made the language learning process so much easier, because now I have a place where I gather all the vocabulary of my target languages. I've had many realizations during the past year while I've filled my own notebook and that's why in the 2020 version of the Ultimate Language Notebook there will be a lot of improvements. Mainly adding some important words and phrases and placing some words under more logical topics. The change isn't that drastic, but I'll release every year an improved version of the notebook.

Feel free to send messages if you suggestions to develop the notebook further. I will take all the comments into consideration when releasing the next versions of my notebook products.

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