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Tracking your language learning process


I started tracking my language learning process in the beginning of the month, to be exact on the 4th of January, 2021. The same day I started my daily video chats with my language buddies.

Language buddies

So I have 5 regular language buddies with whom I have practiced Estonian, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Swahili. In the excel sheet I write the abbreviation of the language if I have practiced speaking. I color the cell in green if I have listened to podcasts or watched some videos in some of the languages and in yellow if I have just read articles.


Like this I can see the slow progress that I make every day week after week. It's frustrating not to find all the words while speaking, but there's no shortcut in becoming fluent other than just practicing a lot every day.


In the excel I have a list of 19 foreign languages that I want to learn fluently during my lifetime. I didn't include Finnish (native tongue) and English because they are so strong and I use them a lot every day in any case. I concentrate improving my strongest languages currently. The languages are ordered from strongest to weakest. So the languages there are Estonian, Swedish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Indonesian, Swahili, Japanese, Korean, Sinhala, Northern Sami. Language levels

My level in the first 5 languages is advanced, in the following 4 intermediate and the rest from Hindi to Swahili are beginner level and the rest are on A0 so I know stuff from here and there but can't really even say that I'm a beginner even.


It motivates me seeing the work that I've done every day and noticing how I've improved when I talk to my language buddies. I also have managed to create a good routine of learning languages so now I just try to keep on doing what I've done during January.

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