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Ultimate Chinese Notebook - what is it?

The Ultimate Chinese Notebook is a structured notebook for Chinese students. The left pages contain the most important words and phrases about 72 topics that are organized logically in the notebook. The right pages are empty so that you can add more words and phrases important to you about the given topic. This notebook is intended to include all the essential vocabulary about Chinese. The left pages contain more than 3000 words and after you fill in the right pages you can reach the total amount of up to 4000-5000 words.

The Ultimate Chinese Notebook is a much better option than a blank notebook. When you start your Chinese studies you can gather all the new knowledge in this notebook. It's the backbone of your Chinese studies. As you learn more Chinese by using other resources you can add the new words and phrases under the topic related to it. Like this you will accumulate knowledge in Chinese and you have a resource which you can always review easily what you have learned. The Ultimate Language Notebook is the external hard drive of your brain.

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