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Ultimate Estonian Notebook - what is it?

The Ultimate Estonian Notebook is a vocabulary notebook for Estonian learners, but it's also suitable for Estonian speakers who want to learn English, because all the content in the vocabulary section is both in Estonian and English.

The notebook has 160 pages including 63 different topics. You will learn more than 3000+ unique words and 600+ phrases. There are 62 pages about vocabulary and 14 pages about grammar. In total the notebook has 160 pages and 77 of them are empty pages for your own notes.

Every topic includes two pages, the left pages contain all the most important words and phrases in Estonian and the right pages are empty so that you can add all the words and phrases that you learn.

Use this notebook as the center of your Estonian or English studies and gather all the most important vocabulary within the pages of this notebook. Use it together with other learning resources like applications, text books, Estonian classes or whatever you like and always add the words and phrases that you have learned in this notebook.

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