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Ultimate Language Notebook News, 2020 July

Päivitetty: 24. elok. 2020

It's the first day of July and I'm going to tell you now what has happened during the past month and what plans I have for July.

June was one of the most productive months ever in my life. Well actually April, May and June. After I returned from Sri Lanka in the end of March six weeks before my original flight ,due to corona, I concentrated fully to create new language notebooks and after three months of hard work I was able to publish five new notebooks.

Notebooks published in June 2020

Ultimate Finnish Notebook

Ultimate Swedish Notebook

Ultimate Italian Notebook

Ultimate German Notebook

Ultimate Estonian Notebook

Before June I had only two products, the Ultimate Language Notebook and the Ultimate Chinese Notebook. So June was a harvest time for my hard work. In July I will publish the Ultimate French Notebook and the Ultimate Spanish Notebook. I'm working with the last corrections with the proofreader currently.

After publishing these two notebooks I will have nine notebook products. My goal is to have twenty-five notebooks by the end of the year. I myself study almost twenty languages and my main motive is to publish those notebooks that I can use myself to learn more effectively my target languages. In addition to languages that I learn I'm going to publish notebooks for some of the biggest and most popular languages in the world.

After this year I will publish also for smaller languages and in a few years I want to reach hundred languages. I think it's important to have good resources to learn smaller and less studied languages.

As soon as I've published the notebooks for Spanish and French I will cycle across Finland from Helsinki to Nuorgam. I will use that trip to promote my Ultimate Finnish Notebook and show what Finland has to offer and some information about the Finnish language. Last year I walked from Nuorgam to Helsinki so this year I want to cycle the same route. After this trip I will do other adventures in which I promote my language notebooks that I actually use in those trips myself.

So it's going to be an exciting month. I'll keep you updated about the new publications and about the trip.

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