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Ultimate Language Notebook News, 2020 June

I will update every month about what has happened during the last month and what's the plan for the next month. In April I worked a lot with 25 new notebook versions. I'm in the stage where I'm sending the notebooks to professional translators to proofread the content. The Ultimate Swedish Notebook is almost done. Today we actually corrected the last errors with the translator and now just in case we will consult several other professionals in the Swedish language if they can spot any errors, typos or things to be improved.

Next I need to find a translator for seven other notebooks. The Ultimate Finnish, Estonian, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese Notebooks. First in line are Finnish and Estonian. The reason is that I myself am a Finn who has also lived in Estonia so I want to publish notebooks for languages that are personally important to me. The Swedish notebook was the easiest to create so that's why it was before Finnish and Estonian.

After these will come the big and widely spoken languages Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. In June my goal is to finish the remaining sixteen-seventeen notebooks to be ready for proofreading. I don't want to rush, so I will make sure the notebooks are as high-quality as possible before publishing any of them. So I believe in June I will publish the Swedish, Finnish and Estonian notebooks and continue the same pace until the end of the year. By the end of the year all the new twenty five language notebooks will be available for sale.

If I'm able to finish the remaining notebooks in June, so that they only need proofreading, I will cycle across Finland in July from Helsinki to Nuorgam and promote my Ultimate Finnish Notebook. I might even cycle back to Helsinki via Sweden, because I've got old travel buddies living there and I haven't seen them in six years. I will promote my Ultimate Swedish Notebook if I do that.

Now is a great time to learn languages so get your own Ultimate Language Notebook for the study of any language or the Ultimate Chinese Notebook if you're studying Chinese.

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