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Ultimate Language Notebook News, October 2020

The latest news is that after returning from my bicycle trip, in the end of August, I have published three new notebooks:

Ultimate Russian Notebook

Ultimate Ukrainian Notebook

Ultimate Indonesian Noteobok

Thanks a lot for the translators and proofreaders, Anna (Russian and Ukrainian) and Yunita (Indonesian). So currently there are 12 notebook products in total in the store.

My big goal in the beginning was to create notebooks for myself in the languages that I'm learning and now I've got more than half, so by the end of the year I've reached my goal and created notebooks that I will use to master my own target languages.

However I will continue producing more notebooks after that as well. My aim is to have 100 notebooks in the following few years. The process of creating the notebooks has become more efficient, especially the workflow with translators, proofreaders and my own part in designing the cover and content.

The next notebooks to be published are:

Ultimate Portuguese Notebook

Ultimate Turkish Notebook

Ultimate Dutch Notebook

Ultimate Albanian Notebook

Ultimate Romanian Notebook

These will be published around October-November. After those I still got Malay, Greek, Swahili, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Urdu.

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