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Ultimate Language Notebook

The Ultimate Language Notebook is a structured language learning notebook that you can use to learn any language.


The notebook includes 72 chapters, from these the first 61 chapters are about vocabulary and the last 11 about grammar.


The left page contains essential words and phrases that you need to know in any language. The right page is a blank page for your own notes. Blank pages are perfect to include just the vocabulary relevant to your life - hobbies, common conversational topics with your friends, etc.


After filling the notebook you will know more than 2400 words, more than 400 verbs and the most common adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions and vocabulary in everyday life.

When you fill the blank pages you will be able to reach up to 4000-5000 words in your target language, which would account for about 95% of the words needed in everyday conversations.

The Ultimate Language Notebook is meant to be used with other language learning resources. In the end you will have all the essential vocabulary about your target language that you can always review easily. 

Finnish customers can buy from BoD bookstore

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